The ObamaCare Survival Guide

This year 2013 marks the first full year many of the massive provisions of ObamaCare take effect.But few know the actual law. At over 2,700 pages-with an additional 13,000 pages of regulations (so far)-the ObamaCare law is longer than the Bible and far more demanding in its requirements and taxes!ObamaCare will affect the life of each and every American, including you. Experts warn of doctor shortages and huge Medicare changes. And the new “Medicaid parity rule” puts Medicaid on the same payment basis as Medicare-hurting seniors.You need to know the full details of this law.The ObamaCare Survival Guide is a detailed and easy-to-understand 229-page book about the new healthcare law.

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      Yes, my friend this is hard-copy only, if you would like to purchase it just kindly click on the link provided on this blog, or what you concern about it i have hard-copy at home, just let me know general in this i will give you. See then

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