MH370 And Reminiscence VN474 22 Years Ago With Annette Herfkens “Turbulence: A Survival Story”

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source site In these days, the very hot news I bet all of you heard about that the “missing airplane MH370”, all people in the world would love to hear from that, it is always appear on top page of CNN, BBC, Fox., and get a millions readers and followers, for instance World Have Your Say page of the BBC World Service only after 48 hours already read 5.5 million visitors to comment and participate Service MH370, all that said the country to be popular in the world is Vietnam, this is because Vietnam wants proven to be a responsible member of ASEAN, groups of countries in Southeast Asia. And finally all this remind me to read the book of Annette Herfkens….again, this is amazing and real story we should read at least one time in life, she is THE ONLY one survive after the VN474 flight missed 8 days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her book gives us the ultimate insight into mind and heart of a true survivor, just published end of January this year. You can get it here  Turbulence: A Survival Story on Amazon (Paperback)
or Turbulence: A Survival Story on Amazon (Kindle)


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